"Love is a choice you make from
moment to moment."

Barbara De Angelis

Welcome! I’m Nansea (nancy) Lee a Professional Astrologer, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Human Development Specialist, and spiritual mentor. I have been successfully working with clients for fifteen years. I weave my life coaching and astrological skills creatively together to educate, enhance awareness and provide techniques for inner growth.

At certain times in our lives we feel stuck, and not knowing how to move forward. Or, old habits and patterns keep repeating themselves not allowing us to receive the results we want.

I provide easy to follow steps to support you with your self-improvement. It is easier than you might think. Live the life you are meant to live. Be the best that you can be!

Nansea Lee

Nansea Lee

(720) 887-2919


Based in Boulder, CO

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