"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you imagined."

Henry David Thoreau

Healing Relationships

I offer comprehensive astrology sessions in a practical and logical way. I feel astrology is the language of your soul and it provides clarity of why you chose your birth date and what your soul is desiring for you to fulfill in this lifetime. Everyone has a purpose for living.

Astrology helps you to understand the deeper layers in life, gives you a fuller vision of yourself and it helps in creating a connection with your soul. Depending where you live, I provide astrology sessions in person, by telephone or through Skype. I also offer gift certificates for a special gift to give to someone you love. Additionally, I use the astrological birth chart as one of my unique coaching skills. This allows me to perceive my clients more clearly.

Astrology was considered one of man’s first sciences and helped ancient cultures understand life and give order to their lives. Everyone has an astrological birth chart that is created at the time of your birth. Becoming more aware of these deeper layers of yourself can support you tremendously in your life.

When clients have astrological sessions about their children these parents then understand what their infant or child is asking of them as parents. This information gives the parents more awareness, a deeper understanding and connection to their child. This expanded astrological information will provide more clarity for the parents and help them to see more specifically how their children want them to nurture the child’s unique innate gifts. This parenting awareness will contribute tremendously in raising emotionally balanced children who are able to fully embrace all of their potentials throughout their lives. So many of us have had childhood experiences that have left us as adults with various parts of our authentic selves suppressed. Your astrological chart reveals your true, core radiance.

When a romantic couple desires an astrology session this astrological information helps to bring them closer. Each partner then understands the broader vision and purpose of their lives and it can create more harmony and extra support between the couple. This information is also very valuable for a single person. When you gain more astrological information about yourself this will provide a clearer understanding of what type of partner would be most compatible with you. When you have this clarity it then can be easier to attract the best person into your life.

Planetary unseen energies are always working in our lives. As you gain a broader viewpoint of your life many of your prior challenging experiences can be reconciled. With this new clarity you create a deeper understanding of your purpose in life and then choosing the right steps for you in life, also become much easier. Astrological information is a tool to support you on your path; it connects you with your soul and clarifies your full potentials and gifts to be used in this lifetime. Astrology holds invaluable information for each one of us.

Before your session I take time to analyze your individual birth chart and intuitive information is received; all of which I will share with you at the time of your session. Please know though that I do not predict future events.

You may purchase an astrology consultation online here or contact me for more information.


Astrology consultations are available in person in the Boulder and Lafayette, CO area, and also via telephone or skype.

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