Fees & Services


Healing Relationships

All payments are made after having an initial phone or email conversation with Nansea and prior to the scheduled telephone appointment time:

Phone: (720) 887-2919
Email: nansea@liftyuup.com
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All telephone services are paid for prior to the appointed time of the requested services to be rendered. All services provided are Non-refundable.

All of the educational information provided to you is for your Highest Good. You are solely responsible for how you receive and use this information.

Fees and Services

In Person or Telephone Consultations:

Life & Relationship Coaching

$75.00 one hour session

$40.00 1/2 hour session

Astrology Reading

$125.00 one hour session


Customize your payment:
To pay via Paypal, go to the Paypal Website, click on "send money", enter the email address nansealee@gmail.com, and enter the total amount.

Only in person:

Raindrop Supreme Essential Oil Session

(Raindrop Sessions include massage, Reiki
and some cranial sacral work.)

Energetic Balancing, Reiki, Cranialsacral, Polarity


Deep Tissue Structural Balancing Session



2 Day Couples Relationship Workshop

Click for more info.


Our office is located in Boulder, CO, and also many of these services are provided via the telephone. We would love to come to your area. If you are interested in being our Promoter, obtaining a working space and clients, we would like to offer you 20% of the proceeds after all expenses. Blessings to you.



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