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"...and then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

Anais Nin

Healing RelationshipsMany ancient cultures realized the importance of some form of bodywork. Their styles varied.

Our bodies have memories of every mental, emotional and physical trauma you have ever experienced. Many of these intense experiences have left a mark on the body. As we age, these experiences many times reintroduce themselves through pain. With various types of bodywork, the body can dissolve the emotional energetic blocks locked in the body from past experiences.

Giving attention to your body also affects your mental outlook on life. I know when my body is sick, I am not as perky about life. Preventative health is about you investing in yourself. Taking steps to take care of your body is also creating more self-love and empowerment for yourself.


My husband and I offer various types of bodywork:


Deep Tissue bodywork:

Brian Ray (303) 947-1102

Many have referred to Brian as a Master Bodyworker.

Brian's work is unique. Many of his clients have gone to a variety of other specialized bodyworkers, yet not until they have worked with Brian, were their physical issues resolved. His roots are in Structural Integration similar to the Rolfing, deep tissue style of body work. Over the years, he has expanded his skills and techniques and offers specialized, individualized sessions for his clients. He targets the core of your physical issues and pain. He patiently unhooks and dismantles old, distorted patterns of the soft tissue (fascia and muscles) that have been creating your physical issues. Your physical freedom and mobility is restored.

Brian has had successful results with these deep-seated, persistent physical issues: carpal tunnel, fasciatis, sciatica, whiplash, and foot and neck problems. Many of his clients have expressed after their session how there is more freedom in their bodies, that pain has been eliminated and mobility has been restored. This type of body work structurally helps to dissolve old physical fascia and muscular distorted patterns, it integrates, rebalances and harmonizes the body's soft tissues.


You only have one body.......................


Essential Oil Raindrop Sessions:

This involves dropping 9 different therapeutic quality essential oils on the feet and back. They are massaged into the body and then warm towels are placed on your back. As you relax, these oils deeply penetrate the body. These pure essential oils have medicinal qualities an interact with your spinal column where viruses and bacteria are know to lodge.

Many of these oils hold anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. These essential oils are known to oxygenate, relieve muscle spasms, and support your immunity system.

Besides all of the above, it just allows you to feel really good. At the end of this session, I also do Reiki and Cranialsacral energy balancing.


This gentle, subtle energy can balance, revitalize and enhance your health. You are fully clothed, as I gently place my hands on certain areas of the body. Reiki runs through me to you. Your body takes what it needs to balance itself. I also include chakra balancing.


A healing modality that addresses the craniosacral system in the body that runs from the cranium to the base of your vertebraes, or sacrum. This subtle process can allow for the release of stress in the body.



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