"Let your food be your medicine."


Are you making healthy and conscious food choices?
Or, are your food choices driven by cravings and food addictive patterns?

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My health coaching style is gentle. With life coaching and health coaching, I feel educating and expanding your awareness is important. You then can create more mindful choices, in your life, not driven by unconscious habits.

Most of us have developed eating patterns in our childhood and continue these patterns as adults. In 1980, I realized I had too many sugar addictions. Sometimes I would just have a chocolate, hot fudge sundae for lunch. When flu season came, I got it yearly. It always developed into bronchitis. It was then I understood how I was abusing my body by making unhealthy food choices. I began to see the connection and became motivated to educate and discipline myself.

You are what you eat! You have heard it before and it does mean something. The food we eat affects our bodies on all levels. How can it not? You are what you eat! Headaches and emotional mood swings are directly related to what you are putting into your body.

We also live in a more toxic world. 300 years ago they did not have additives, preservatives, pesticides, chemical cleaning products, gasoline fumes, cell phones, computers or other modern day living luxuries. However, we have the same bodies that have to daily process all these additional toxins.

Now, in addition to making healthy food choices, our bodies need periodic cleansing too. I have been doing internal cleansing since 1993. At that time, I was a patient of a wonderful naturopathic doctor. Through his personal education of what the body likes and does not like, I learned how to listen to my body, and feed it what it wants and needs to be healthy and function at its potential.

Do you want to create a healthier body, a healthier mind and a healthier spirit?

Your food choices affect your health, now and later. If our health is compromised, our mental and emotional states are strongly affected. It is my joy to assist clients in their awakening to create a healthier life.

Consultations are offered in Boulder, CO and via telephone.

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