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I have a psycho-spiritual, holistic perspective and customize each coaching session to meet your specific needs. I combine astrology and my life coaching skills with each client. I believe life is about learning; we are all continuously learning about ourselves and acquiring more awareness throughout our lives.

If any of the above resonates within your heart, please contact me at 720-887-2919 or Be the best that you can be in this life!

I educate, contribute to expanding awareness, and guide my clients to help them create better quality lives. With my coaching clients there is an active participation that is needed as I customize exercises to help you create any changes that you desire.

As a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, Professional Astrologer, Relationship Coach, and Human Development Specialist it is my greatest joy to support others with growth in their lives. I am a member of the National Astrologers Association, published author, have a BA in Child Development, Reiki Master and versed in various other holistic modalities.

I offer my coaching and astrology sessions by telephone, in person, or through Skype. I would love to connect with you. Contact me today and receive a special offer.

We are all learning how to love, be loved, and to share love.

With Blessings,
Nansea Lee



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